Terms and conditions of use

These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company Starstel SARL owner of StarMarket with a share capital of 5,000,000FCFA whose head office is located in Douala-Cameroon, 706 Rue Frédérick EKWALLA ESSAKA (dit Deido Rue KOTTO) , registered in the Commercial Register under the number DLA / 2017 / B / 197 hereinafter called STARSTEL SARL and managing the site www.starmarket.cm and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the site internet www.starmarket.cm hereinafter referred to as "the buyer".

Article 1: object

These conditions of sale are intended to define the contractual relations between StarMarket and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the website www.starmarket.cm The acquisition of a product through this site implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these conditions of sale which the buyer acknowledges having read before ordering. Before any transaction, the buyer declares on the one hand that the purchase of products on the site www.starmarket.cm is not directly related to his professional activity and is limited to a strictly personal use and on the other hand to have the full legal capacity, allowing him to commit under these general conditions of sale.

The StarMarket company retains the possibility of modifying these conditions of sale at any time , in order to comply with any new regulations or in order to improve the use of its site. Therefore, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.

Article 2. Products

The products offered are those which appear on the site www.starmarket.cm of the company StarMarket within the limits of available stocks. The company Starmarket reserves the right to modify at any time the product range. Each product is presented on the website in the form of a description containing its main technical characteristics (capacity, use, composition, etc.). The photographs are as faithful as possible but do not bind the Seller. The sale of the products presented on the site www.starmarket.cm is intended for all buyers resident in countries which fully authorize the entry into their territory of these products.

Article 3. Tariffs

The prices appearing on the files produced in the internet catalog and are prices in CFA francs (FCFA) all taxes included (TTC) taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the rate of VAT may be reflected in the price of the products. The StarMarket company reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood however that the price appearing in the catalog on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer. The prices indicated do not include delivery costs, invoiced in addition to the price of the products purchased according to the total amount of the order. 


Article 4. Order and payment methods

Before any order, the buyer must create an account on the site www.starmarket.cm The account creation section is accessible directly from the side menu bar. At each visit, the buyer, if he wishes to order or consult his account (order status, profile, etc.), must identify himself using this information. The StarMarket company offers the buyer to order and pay for his products in several stages, with 3 payment options to choose from:

- Secure payment by Paypal or bank card (via the PAYPAL system ): the buyer selects the products he wishes to order in the "basket", modifies if necessary (quantities, references, etc.), checks the delivery address or gives a news. Then, the shipping costs are calculated and submitted to the buyer. Then, the buyer chooses the method of payment of his choice: "Payment by PayPal ". The next step is to check all of the information, read and accept these general conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invite them to confirm their order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button. Finally, the buyer is redirected to the PAYPAL secure interface in order to securely enter their PayPal account or personal credit card references. If the payment is accepted, the order is recorded and the contract definitively formed. Payment by PayPal account or by credit card is irrevocable. In the event of fraudulent use thereof, the buyer may require the cancellation of payment by card, the sums paid will then be re-credited or returned. The responsibility of the holder of a bank card is not engaged if the disputed payment has been proven to be made fraudulently, remotely, without physical use of his card. To obtain reimbursement of the fraudulent debit and any bank charges that the transaction may have caused, the card holder must contest, in writing, the debit with his bank, within 70 days of the transaction, or even 120 days. if the contract binding it provides for it. The amounts withdrawn are reimbursed by the bank within a maximum period of one month after receipt of the written objection made by the holder. No costs of restitution of the sums can be charged to the holder.

- Payment on Delivery: the buyer selects the products he wishes to order in the “basket”, modifies if necessary (quantities, references, etc.), verifies the delivery address or provides a new one. Then, the shipping costs are calculated and submitted to the buyer. Then, the buyer chooses the payment method of his choice: "Cash on delivery". The next step is to check all of the information, read and accept these general conditions of sale by checking the corresponding box, then invite them to confirm their order by clicking on the "Confirm my order" button. Finally, the order confirmation page appears and the buyer is notified.

- Mobile payment (Orange and MTN):


Confirmation of the order implies the acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own conditions of purchase. All the data provided and the confirmation recorded will constitute proof of the transaction. If the buyer has an e-mail address and if he has entered it on his order form, the StarMarket company will send him by e-mail confirmation of the registration of his order.

If the buyer wishes to contact the StarMarket company he can do so either by mail to the following address: StarMarket, 706 Rue Frederick EKWALLA ESSAKA, Deido Rue Kotto, Douala, Cameroon either by email to the following address: customer_services@starmarket.cm , or by phone at:

Article 5. Retention of title

The StarMarket company retains full ownership of the products sold until full payment of the price, in principal, fees and taxes included.

Article 6. Withdrawal

Under article 20-1 of the law governing online commerce of December 02 2010 Bill n ° 868 / PJL / AN Subject to the provisions of article 15, the page www.starmarket.cm / how-to-make-a return, the consumer can retract within fifteen (15) days: - from the day after the date of their receipt by the consumer, for the goods; - from the date of conclusion of the contract for the services.

Article 7. Delivery

Deliveries are made to the address indicated on the order form which can only be in the agreed geographical area. Deliveries are made by partner companies providing delivery services with tracking, delivery against signature Delivery times are given for information only; if these exceed thirty days from the order, the sales contract may be terminated and the buyer reimbursed. The StarMarket company can provide the buyer with the tracking number of his package by e-mail. The buyer is delivered to his home if he has chosen this option or pick it up at a StarMarket agency In the absence of the buyer, he will receive a notice of passage deliveryman who is required to wait at most 30 minutes to the address specified in the order In the event of a change in delivery address not notified by the buyer, the delivery person is not obliged to modify his itinerary .

In the event of delivery failure , the order will be returned to an agency or to an approved partner for a period of two days during which the buyer will have to approach it. In addition to this deadline, the order will be canceled and returned to stock. In the event of payment before delivery, StarMarket will refund the value paid less the shipping costs The risks linked to transport are the responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the articles leave the premises of the company StarMarket In the event of damage during transport, any protest must be made to the carrier within three days of delivery.

Article 8. Guarantee

Article 9. Liability

The StarMarket company in the distance selling process, is only bound by an obligation of means. Its responsibility could not be engaged for a damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, breakdown of the service, or other involuntary problems.

Article 10. Intellectual property

All elements of the site www.starmarket.cm are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the company StarMarket Nobody is authorized to reproduce, exploit, or use for any reason whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site whether in the form of photo, logo, visual text or sound .


Article 11. Personal data

StarMarket undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the buyer, which he would have to transmit for the use of certain services. As such, the user has the right to access, modify and delete information concerning him. He can request it at any time by mail to the following address: customers_service@starmarket.cm .

StarMarket reserves the right to collect personal information and personal data about you. They are necessary for the management of your order, as well as for the improvement of the services and information that we send to you. 

They can also be sent to companies that contribute to these relationships, such as those responsible for the execution of services and orders for their management, execution, processing and payment.  

This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.  


Article 12. Settlement of disputes

These distance selling conditions are subject to Cameroonian law For any disputes or litigation, Starmarket is close to engage in a dialogue for a settlement out of court. In the event that establishing a dialogue is difficult, the dispute will be brought before the competent authorities.